Miracle And Streetfight Testo

Testo Miracle And Streetfight

The treasure getter
The clever letter speller
The repetition is the editor
Repetition, repetition
Gang shit
Throw ya set up
Hood shit
Throw ya set up
Pussies get wetter
Man the soul is a factory
Cooking the actions up
Actively looking for escape routes
Gaze at the starry sky
The moon the tombs
Carried out from the tombs
Of the buried ones
Mothers and fathers
Burying sons
The snar-
The snarling darlings
Left in the moonlight
Learn to fend for they-selves
The shuttering stuttering sputtering muttering
Prayers, chants, incantations, curses
Blessings, hymns, and sayings
Craving idols
Neon tapestries
Cash Cole grinning in shallow hallways
Carrots dangled over the balconies
Fox hunts through the halls of academies
The paint peel off of the wall
The hot heat of the bonfire
Skin is a strong paper
The drum is the first and the last meal
The drip of the blood in the wine glass
The dine to the howl
The sweet horrible backdrop
Sucking the last drop
The tree sap bleed from the trunk
The bees buzz
Birds dig worms from the soil to toil
The natural bounties
Displayed on the table of life
The labor to heights
The depth
The breadth
The chest heaving
The flesh reeling this evening
The twist turn slide vise
Socialize dip dive
The hunger
The thirst
Oh the wild energy
Never could slow down
Oh just slow down
The show go on yo
The trembling spirits awake in the night restless
In a bite of the darkness
Wow, now this

The big monster
The pigs kill men
With the pig miss darker
God fearing folk, they fear Allah
Bring the drama
Nothing but problems
Why they wanna fuck with a guy
None ever could measure the magnitude
Please slide through the avenue
Question jan, answer man
Question man, got an answer for you
Answer back, question that
Blessing the sessions with
Plenty crack
Gang shit
Throw ya set up
Hood shit
Throw ya set up
Pussies get wetter
Fresh from the steps up
Blessed up
From the head up
Get the bread up
Reach into my lexicon
Flexing the reference on
Any or every measure