Harvester Testo

Testo Harvester

Now is the time we figure things out or we both go our separate ways
Have they taken our will and the thrill of the fight or are we giving them hell to pay
It's not alright
It's not okay
It's not the way things have to be
It's gone on too long
Comfortably numb
The human disease
Abstract oblivion
All fore mentioned just doublespeak
We're overwhelmed with the underwhelming
Over fed and starving for more
Buying all the pitch is selling
If the good die young
What am I trying for
Still life surrealist
You've lost your way
We've found the movement within the rhythm of the beat
Our destiny is machine made
Living life through these minor chords
Taking the path of least resistance instead of following our hearts
No we don't have a pulse
Our blood is on the market
Stock prices are falling
The thief has broken in but there is nothing left to steal
Robbed of each last dignity
Salivating at the kill
A televised rendition of this lethal injection
Perfecting imperfections peeling back each layer of skin
If this blood in my veins was oil, they'd kill me, bleed me dry, salivating at each last drop
We put a price on our time
We put a price on our life
We put a price on our heart and now we have nothing left to sell.