Chainsaw Charlie Testo

Testo Chainsaw Charlie

Charlie got a chainsaw and a pickle jar offormaldehydeOne way or another tonight she will begoing for a rideThe roses and the poems he wrote,somehow they didn't win Samantha's heartBut tonight she will be Charlie's, if he can only getthat old Poulan to startBeen sittin' in the shed so long, the oil in the casehas turned to sludgeBeen yankin' on the cord all night but he can't getthe goddamn thing to budgeSamantha will be walking by just like shedoes every night at 8She's leaving on the 10:05 tomorrowmorning it'll be too lateMaybe it's the spark plug, or the gas he siphonedfrom his daddy's truckBut that Poulan won't cooperate, it looks likeCharlie might be out of luckAnd here comes his Samantha whistlingand walking down the streetOne last pull - the Poulan fires up and true love'srolling past his feetLook at Charlie and Samanthaanother twisted modern fairly taleSamantha's in a pickle jar somewhereand Charlie's growing old in jailTrue love will make you crazy andsome of us don'thandle it too goodnow that Poulan's old and rusty - it'll never cutanother piece of woodyeah that Poulan's old and rusty, and it'll nevercut another piece of wood.