Racing The Train Testo

Testo Racing The Train

(chorus) I'm racing the train to the crossroadsTo find out if I'm still aliveI'm racing the train to the crossroads, babyI'm racing with the devil tonightAnd no matter if I live or die when I makeit to the other sideYou'll still be gone and I'll be aloneso I'm already dead insideI can hear that whistle blowingI guess it's time to turn the keyAin't nothing left in this old town,Ain't nothing left for meAbout a mile out it's coming like ademon belching fireAnd I got my motor running,gonna race it to the wireAnd the road is dark and lonelyand the moon is shining brightBut without you here to hold meThere's no reason left tonight(chorus)I can see the red lights flashingI can see your pretty faceI got the pedal to the metalWin or lose, I ran the raceAnd I gave it everything I had,I guess that you did toAnd I never loved anyone as much as I love youBut somewhere babe I don't know whenWe threw it all awayNow that whistle's blowin' loud and clearIt's calling out my name(chorus)I loved you then and I love you nowAnd I wish I could turn this car aroundBut the devil's holding my foot downand that Conrail's here and it'sshaking the groundAnd the lights are flashing red nowAnd I can hear everything you said nowBut you're in someone else's bed nowSo there's nothing left for meNo there's nothing left for me(chorus)