Eternal War Testo

Testo Eternal War

Invaders came in from the ocean Tortured and killed all our men Raped all our women and burned down The world we had build up through the years There's no way out of this torment They killing us all one by one We're washing the blood of our bodies But soon they return again Invaders - they raped our land Invaders - death by their hand They taking control of our system Tortured and killed all the damned To fight against all the violence We all stand apart till we die What will become of our culture When madmen have taken control To be a sign of our time They came in from the sea In the dead of night Blood and misery In the night you could hear The screams from those who died By the hand of the invaders Who are you creeps that are ruling Our lives and finally our death Are you the evil inside us That's no longer our friends Are you the master's punishment Or are you the soldiers from hell Maybe the fight against evil Is only a fight against ourself