Smile Testo

Testo Smile

yo this is your appetite talking
i know your hungry, you just finished power walkin
i know you think that, your jsut too fat
let me intoduce you to my friend mr big mac
you know he wants you to eat em and you want taht too
i put a big mac in his hands and his smile grew
now mr big mac hangs out with some guys
by guys i mean fries, the kind that go good with apple pies
come in big or small size, and i would be suprised
if you didnt even cry when you got circumsized
now speaking of apples pies, theyre pretty cheap
theyre two for a dollar
gaurenteed to make you holler, (let me speak)
apple pies hear are two for a buck
so come over to mcdonalds, burger king sucks

we love to see you smile (apple pie)

yo bitch put that cash through that window
i got a gun and its pointin at that fat hoe
forget your burgers, forget yo fries
i dont want yo apple pies cant you see it in your eyes

excuse me sir your being so rude
i would appreciate it if you brought down your amplitude
your disturbing all the customers in the room
man fuck you i came here for cash and not food
and then the lady shoved a big mac in his face
by the smile i could tell he loved how it tasted

forgive me i was so wrong, im so sick and tired
of being the antagonist in this song
i love your burgers, i love your fries
and i want yo apple pies and i love you guys

we love to see you smile (apple pie)