The Neighbor Kid Has A Gun Testo

Testo The Neighbor Kid Has A Gun

You ran across the yard and turned your back
Your brother he watched and in the grass he sat
The neighbor kid with a loaded gun and car
He fired a shot and the bullet grazed your heart

The doctors they watched you close and held their breath
And some would believe in a miracle they witnessed
The bullet stopped short and broke one of your ribs
A hospital bed and a second chance to live
You're closer to death
The neighbors - they left, ashamed of what he did
Their son, they hid
And all of the rest - your days that are left - upon your chest: a scar
A gift; your heart never stopped

I was afraid of what a friend told me
A burst of light and the harsh reality
He could recall a voice so comforting
But still it was hard to know what to believe

I looked away as my head absorbed the facts
And ran through the house until I reached the back
I couldn't help but be taken with the fear
It's unavoidable but he is always near

I was closer to death
And I would have guessed it was my turn to go
He told me so
And the all of the rest of my days that are left - upon my chest: a scar
A gift; my heart never stopped