Genocidal Crush Testo

Testo Genocidal Crush

Kiss slit throats, mute limbs gope
The wicks of an eye, a hangman's rope
Drug-white nights, a supper of knives
Spittle in hair, claw the air
I'll bring the devil and you read the details

Shock takes hold, a gentle choke
Bones grind bone, wet skin's cold
Meag rubbed with salt, suck suck suck
Broken necks neck, lick the stroke

Of the sighs, come sweet ills tonight

An innocent kiss turns to lust
I've got a genocidal crush
When it all gets too much
I feel a genocidal crush
When we touch touch touch touch
I've got a genocidal crush
When the blood starts to rush
I've got a genocidal crush

Gaggle wounds, lunatic swoon
A moment ache, cancerous shake
Burning lust, filling the cup
Beating back tears, tearing up
Our visions come to life,
The world deserves to die