Man's Ruin Testo

Testo Man's Ruin

She devil sits in a whiskey glass
Tells you to hold but you know you should pass
Lady Luck is moving in stops and starts
You hung all your hopes on the queen of hearts

Burn one for luck drink one for health
Watch the drama of money sing a love song of wealth
Forgotten the words but remember the tune
It always comes callin' it always comes callin'
It's man's ruin

Out for a smoke in for drink
When lips touch the bottle your soul starts to sink
Close off in motion keep it out of your eyes
So the demons can't see what you're thinking inside

Effecting the cool maintaining your guard
It's 2 bills a piece just to look at the cards
The dealer is twitchy it's gotta break soon
It always comes calling it always comes callin'
It's man's ruin

Down to the church plead your case to the man
To ask for forgiveness do all you can
But no quarter was given so you play one more roll
Double or nothin' on the fate of your soul