Take A Ride Testo

Testo Take A Ride

[verse 1]
It ain't nothin like days when a nigga can roll
Either slidin on dubs, or rollin daytons and fo's
Livin that life because you only live once
So whip out your trunk on some compton funk
The weather is hot and the hoes is hot
And they ridin your jock because you clockin a knot
You can be the ugliest homie in the gang
But your all in the game if your rollin in thangs
Cos girls don't care about how a nigga strivin
All they wanna see is what you drivin so they can get a ride in
And nobody knows
Why the nigga with the flyest lo-lo got the ugliest hoes
Why the next man, pullin all the good bags
Niggas like you rather roll with the hoodrats
The pool party on and its crackin
Niggas rappin but ain't no cappin or scrappin
And girlies also listenin and crack
G street stuffed all between the backs
It feels good another neighborhood function
Why ain't no riftin, set trippin or nothin
Niggas straight hangin ten
Tryin to pull some skins till they competent
Gettin high of the chocolate thai
Come on and jump inside so we can take a ride

[chorus x2]
Come on take a ride (take a ride)
On that westside (on that westide)
Come on take a ride (take a ride)
(come and take a ride on the wicked ass westside)

[verse 2]
Damn another day bright and sunny as the last one
Time for the dresta to start pullin fast ones
See a girl in a hyundai, I know her
Pull up to the driver side, spray her with my supersoaker
Look at how hot it be, no animosity, thats how its got to be
Just fun and games
And its cool for kids to act the fool fo they back to school
Now they skippin they mornin cartoons
They'd rather be outside throwin water balloons
And ain't nobody tryin to act hard
Got my homie big mike barbequing in the backyard
Baby locs, shootin jokes like the hood jerk
Damn a barbeque brings the niggas out the woodwork
Cos I ain't seen you in while G
But to the homies so lets go get some endo and old E
And shoot the b's bout the old ways
When we was bad little niggas runnin round in the old days
Tryin to prove who was boss and who was soft
Even though I got tough ain't no love loss

[chorus x2]

take a ride
take a ride
take a ride
(come and take a ride on the wicked ass westside)
take a ride
take a ride
take a ride with me
take a ride
(come and take a ride on the wicked ass westside)

[verse 3]
Pump up the tyres, wipe of the wires
Tighten up the battery cables with the pliers
Check the gates, now i'm straight
Bumpin that menace to society by mc eiht
See I got spice, but i'm not the one
My trigger got no heart, so you gots to run
The homies caravan kinda deep down the street
Lo-lo's and jeeps bout to fly to the beach
Niggas causin havoc, stirrin up static
Blockin off traffic to let homies pass it
Niggas get stupid, drive crazy
So my homies faded the funk
Now its on the toe, hey yo
We can roll to the beach when its dark
I heard the individuals is throwin somethin up at the park
My homie black gotta coupe but he need a
Little help cos the nigga gotta chrome hotter than a

[chorus x2]

Outburst is in the house
Def Jam is in the house
Take a motherfuckin ride with me
Take a motherfuckin ride through the westside
A motherfuckin ride, ride yeah
(come and take a ride on the wicked ass westside)
A motherfuckin ride, ride yeah
A motherfuckin ride, ride yeah