Swedish Sin Testo

Testo Swedish Sin

I don't know what I was looking for and I'm not sure I found it
I left a note to my dad saying "I will be gone for about ten days or more"
With my Washburn guitar in a hard case and a bag full of women's clothes
I bought a stand by ticket to the airport in Stansted
It felt like I was home

I exchanged my Swedish money
I exchanged my Swedish life
And I exchanged my Swedish gender
But I kept the Swedish sin

I got a dirty old room at the Avon Hotel and the doves woke me up in the morning
I was thinking to myself this could be heaven or above
I put my make up on and I went out on the street
I found a club for people like me
For an hour there I was a British queen dancing to the British accent

So London took my virginity
London took my breath away
London took my past
But London left me the Swedish sin

Suddenly I heard this voice inside saying "you're falling into disgrace"
You weren't raised to behave this way
I started cry as I left the place

So London took...