Eye For An Eye Testo

Testo Eye For An Eye

The sorrow that I have I try to hide inside
All that I am is slowly slipping away,
The things that I've done to get myself ahead
Don't make sense in my head some days,
Go ahead and judge me
Do your best, cast your stones
You don't have to walk by my side
I can walk on my own
I'm deaf don't waste your breath
Won't hear what you say
I'm too dumb to know when I'm done
So stay out of my way
Too blind to read the signs
So don't waste your time
‘Cause this world goes round
The world goes round and round
I promised myself that I would never raise my fist,
But I'll be goddamned it's come to this,
I follow a natural law and this is it:
Eye for an eye
Don't think ‘cause of where I'm at I'll pacify
I've been like this my whole life
Can only turn my cheek so many times,
As everything I have slowly slips away
It's like I said, things don't make sense in my head some days