Freestyle Testo

Testo Freestyle

Yo Boo, Irv Gotti, Black, and BJ outta wait the fuck up here man.
Shit done hit the fan, let's do dis shit man. Fo real.
Let's do it, what the fuck. There ain't
nuthin else to be said.

Yo, I got a empire with niggas with thug in they blood
I admire dem niggas, My desire is figgas
Rockland bitch, why hire some killas?
Gotti heat like hail son and fire dem niggas
Pop off 2 clips, Top off new six
Rock frost blue wrist, still cop two bricks
Cook crack in the pot, Push pats on the block
Cock the glock, pop up like jack in a box
He crazy insane, mommys say loco
I even push 'caine when the blow is slow
And when the dough got low, I got the high 'fo
Back in the same hood on the block for 'mo
Doorags, saggin pants, I'm baggin grams
Niggas smokin the joke, and den laughin at
"What if I get to blast a man?"
Aw shit! Boo watch out!

[gunshot and then talking]
Oh shit, you capped dat nigga yo

You think I just got nice?
Well I been at niggas throats til it even got worse
And I got hennessy and coke in my system
Hot chicks, I fuck em and diss em
I'm out to cop bricks, cut em and split em
Put plenty in the bag, 20s on the jag
I'm a big faced getter, you get panties and brag
Fo Fo too heavy so I'm bustin the sag
Slow dough, that's petty, I ain't fuckin wit dat
It's fo real when I spit these bars
And cats like "Damn, How dis lil nigga get new cars?"
Stay high all day run around with thugs flippin pies all day
Rockland Nigga, so you better make way cuz we comin for niggas
Got guns? We ain't runnin from niggas, I know you heard dat!

My real bitches!
Sometimes I'm less than a bitch, never trustin a bitch
I'd rather get head than be fuckin a bitch

And it ain't nuthin different, that's the way we roll
It be them lame ass niggas given dough to hoes

Before I pay for a brick, she taste da shit
Put her back on a bus wit it taped to her hips

All my mommys rock Gucci
If we in the whip, put the dope in her koochie

All my chicks like Snoopy
I like dykes dat like dykes
But I don't like groupies
I Use to like tootie, and dat's a fact for ya life

I got chicks dat smoke, some roll dice
Others like to fight, but they all love ice

Hip hop niggas, they all thugs right?
Nah, get dropped nigga, betta get plugged right
Boo and Gotti true pimps, Rockland 4 life
Get it right!


For life nigga!

Boo and Gotti