Marlon Brando Testo

Testo Marlon Brando

Life is up and down like the waves
now its crashing down in see the rubble in the wake
life is just a game, skipping stones cross the lake
got my bitch my upset cuz i cant love the same

kurt kobain, im on a plane,
I cant complain, i feel no pain.
Living selfish so now im to blame
I love me better than you anyway.
Look left, its a fat lie.
Look right, its a dead guy.
Religion kills children.
Bombs in television.
Is this your god’s vision?
Look in my eye,
tell me this really is the light of god.

Kids in the gravel foaming out mouth
convulsing and gasping they tasted the gas
while the monster steps over, breathing through the mask
now, the glint in his eye meant his life had now passed.

Took all my pain
made it my flow
took all my pain
made it my flow
you know my name
marlon brando
you know my name
marlon brando

flowing like im on pcp, percieve me to be a g, thats on me
painting a picture thats discreet as the pain I carry in me
cannibal nature when she choke on my dick, like “hold up breath!”
never seen no bitch like this one right here cause this a whole new breed.