Hands Of The Healer Testo

Testo Hands Of The Healer

Hang it up like a coat
Tear it up like a note
Let the pieces fall to the ground
Like falling snow
Go for a walk outside
Watch as the red bird flies
He needs lifting
And we need lifting, too

If we’re gonna pray about it
There’s no use in worrying
If we’re gonna worry about it
Why are we praying
Just leave it in the hands of the Father
Leave it in the hands of the Healer
Leave it in the hands of Jesus
And walk away
Walk away

Take all your doubt and fear
Whisper it in His ear
Drop it in the mailbox
Raise the flag and let it go

We’re laying ‘em down to never carry again
We’re laying ‘em down, the burdens, burdens
Laying ‘em down to never worry again
Laying ‘em down, let ‘em fly on the wind