Falling Testo

Testo Falling

Days are passing by
I know I won't live another day in this place
I lost my sanity, you see
Mirror reflects only emptiness
My soul is cold and dry, a perfect engine,
In disguise
Simulated happiness, is my everyday,
Fucked up life

I am my own prophet
And I'll never turn back at this urban decay
In a black sea of pain,
You'll plunge in cause humanity is failing
I am my own prophet
And I'll never turn back at this god damn system
Never pull back, never repent
Cause we're the last remaining ones

Don't be afraid, you're not the only one in this,
Ethereal carnage
There's no more light, only tombs
And graves at sight
Existence is falling

Walking backwards in demise, feeling low
This solitude is killing me day by day
Living in a fake and artificial world
My mind's trapped in a stratagem

Nothing else for me to wish for,
I'd give anything
Just to get out of this intoxicated psyche
Wasted my time, wasted my mind,
Locked in my heart
Only suffering and pain there is
Another day to survive in silence