Propagate Testo

Testo Propagate

Propagate, an empty lie
A cause, a threat, shattered prophecies
Masses hypnotized, hope and despair
In a pitch black design sinking us below

Trapped within my rage,
I realized this nightmare will be the same
Forever, caged in fear,
Your endless reason of lies
I seek mutilation,
For something I'll always live in
You will not eradicate my thoughts
To emptiness in a false embrace

Circled by fucking hypocrites,
Walk this path amongst dead souls, brain washed
Paralyze my inner perception of an integrity soon to fall

Dredged into hostile greed,
You'll never see the right from wrong in this society
Sense of hope, frustration,
To reign over a void of inner pain, locked inside me

Looking back at me,
Breaking the system we feared
No more remorse in dying freely