Ruins Testo

Testo Ruins

Rise out of ignorance
You seem to lose yourself
The blindfold will collapse
Everything will turn to ruins
The masquerade is over
Fragrance of death initialized

Cause I'm running out of my self
Cause you make my sink
Cause I close the door
Repentless and used up

You cannot see your arrogance,
Your ruthless ego
How can life be so empty, in chaos
Indifference is just a state of mind
To your secluded souls, being free

There's no hope only shame and fear
Those empty words were always feign
No more tomorrow left in ruins

Words without no fuckin' meaning
I try and face an unsolved truth, useless
There's no better blind man than the one
Who denies his own fuckin' purity
Your lies revealed

I feel your contagious denial of inequity
Disturbed, I am of those living through my sins

You cannot see your arrogance in chaos
How can life be so empty, so vile
You will not change me

Never will I take your fucking bullshit now
Everything seems to be revelations
I can't stop myself from enduring all this shit
Destroying all the confused ones in eternity

I am the pain struggling through your head
Drained onto you
Destructing your souls, living through my sins