A Night Of Honest Lies Testo

Testo A Night Of Honest Lies

Corrupted you lay, in the ashes of your creation
Bleeding internally you sought to heal our kingdom
Oblivious to your ways
Blinded unable to see your intentions, a golden plan
To obliterate and shatter duality of hearts
Knotted and intertwined
For the road we once walked was beauty at our feet
For years...

For years, dark clouds follow your presence

As the night of your respite draws near
A premeditated desire to ruin our kingdom
The spectral tree that contains all wisdom
Will shed its leaves, shielding existence from your verbal hammer
And mental missiles

What once was set in stone, in bark and in the stars
Will now be forgotten in ruins of misery
Love will become a fragment of my imagination
A concoction of make believe
Sifting through the mess that you made of me
Another heart in fucking ruin
Another failure printed on our souls

Victorious on the battlefield you now stand
Red hearts on spears dripping with revenge
My blood will stain your soil forever
Poisoning your fruition
A greater purpose I will now pursue
Severing every imprint of you ever created
For the road I once walked was thorns at my feet
For years...

Tonight I'll rip out my heart
And make you swallow every inch of discomfort
Forgiveness will surface in another life
When we can see eye to eye...