Mending The Dead Army Part I Testo

Testo Mending The Dead Army Part I

I rose from the dead
Before mortal life
The fear of immortality witnessed in their eyes
So sick it's twisted how I appear to them
With every prayer their life becomes my flesh

Snapping the spinal chord I end their suffering
Mending the dead beast my army is unleashed

I walk with the dead devouring all life
Separated from their corpses
Their souls empower me
Upon enlightenment
My true quest was clear
To seek the fraud these peasants hold so dear

I stare down upon these putrid beings
Shifting their reality their minds are set free

I want to seed, I want to feed
The destruction of martyrdom
The blood of the innocent sucked from thy soil
As my strength will be used for their will
For their will...

I am the spawn of awakening minds
A result of their desire
And as we burn the gates of the kingdom
I'll be quenching my thirst with fire.