Theme Song (feat. KC Da Rookee) Testo

Testo Theme Song (feat. KC Da Rookee)

Theme Song

Refrain: (Brooke) All and together now
Get down, get down to my sound
I'm comin', comin' at ya
(KC)All and together get down
this fly lady called Brooke got you shook with that themesong sound

(Brooke)Glad you been hanging around
waitin' patiently for my sound
you know I´m not like the rest, oh no,
so here I am to impress
I know it´s been a long time
but now it´s my turn to shine
the road has been very long, to long baby,
that´s why I dedicate this song

refrain (repeat)

(KC)This rap soldier
lower the draw bridge
I'm crossing over
no competition
shorties rendition
about to blow the whole scene
put me on the VIP whole team
we're dope fiends
develish schemes
with various dreams
the ROOK from way back
when the rythm is slamming
I'll examine the spray dat
relay dat
globally focused
this blokes just blasting
all up in your show
f**** the asking

(Brooke)Here I come through the door
the style I bring
you can´t ignore
you know my stees
you know I'm raw
so when you see me,
better know I´m coming at you

hit you once
hit you twice
three times now you know I'm nice
do the deed
I'm pleased
this is me
so when you see me comi'n at ya.


(Brooke)You know there's been some hard times
waited for my turn in the line
and now I´m ready to go
let´s get this show on the road
if you want it baby,
you can have it baby
I got my hands on the wheel

Refrain (5x)