Criminal Minded Testo

Testo Criminal Minded

(feat. Afficial)

I'm a criminal, he's a criminal
She's a criminal, we some criminals
Wouldn't you like to be a criminal too
And we thuggin'

Uh huh, from the mind to the heart
TRU thug niggas in your heart boy
TRU niggas, a.k.a., uh huh
Check it, big faces, they got big, I got that
I live the fast life you heard, I live the fast life
The world isn't big enough for us, check it out

I'm a criminal, detrimental, to your health
I break bread with ignant' niggas bad for your health
Project boy, C-Murder Miller, straight up killa
Thug nigga suffocate you, with a pillow
The reaper, put you in a sleeper, night creeper
I put, 1-8-7 in your beeper
No phone calls, shit, I think it's tapped
Had the feds with the whole combo by the girl napped
Gun clap, a.k.a. the gun clapper
Ask my TRU niggas, murderers, then we rappers
Straight criminal, from the bush to my shoes
I done paid my dues, I don't need no clues
Criminal minded - 4x

Six in the morning, po-po's at my door
Investigating, the yellow tape at the liquor store
The white chalk, around the victim with a vest
There was a mess, my ash tray was full of cess
You got a warrent, let's conversate up on the porch
But I ain't tripping, I'm thinking about that roach
The misdemeanor, that'll leave you a drug bust
90 kilos in the yard on the school bust
Camera check, Angola, to ?Rikasow?
The same question, my niggas ain't bullshitting
But I ain't snitching, shit, I'm official
Get the tissue, thirty years, I'ma miss you

(Chorus - 4x)

You's a bitch nigga, only bust out a fed
I better take it like a man if they give me the ten
When them toys come out, everybody hit the deck
If them hot slugs come out fast like Fed-Ex
I'm talking big guns, that'll top your body
Remove your stomach from your hip, I roll with a real click

We living the fast life and we ain't slowing it down
I'm hot like gun shells when they hitting the ground
You niggas ain't kinda thugs, we'll adjust your nerves
Get a body for my sentence be the puny service
No matter the charge, misdemeanor, murder or fraud
Post bail up in pieces I'm mercenary to bars

(Chorus - 8x)