Don't Matter Testo

Testo Don't Matter

No matter how much you hate me
I'ma always be on top
It just don't matter

(Chorus 2x)
Don't mater, how much you hate me
Don't matter, how much you wanna fade me
Don't matter, cause it really don't phase me
Don't matter, true players gon' feel me
It all started when I got some change
And a name, then fame with the rap game
And things just changed
No Limit be's the name
Tru Records, It's all the same
We bubble up and pop
Took over every block
From the ghetto's to the suburbs
Everybody knew our rap words
We bout it, We solders
The tank jus taking over
Son, Mystikal, and the Dog
We family we balls till we fall
Came here from over sees they love us all
We never change
Never complain about our fortune or our fame
Our Rolex's and range
To our homies up in the game
Put our hood on the mizzap
The world know C-P-3
Tru niggaz for lizzife
Don't hate Silk the Cornel and me

(Chorus 2x)

How many millionaires you know that can still be in the hood
It's all good, knock on wood,
Treat you like you should be treated
Want a autograph, well hold up let me eat first
You say you like the album, well here take this t-shirt
See thugs respect solders and solders respect thugs
I do million dollar tours and still perform in small clubs
I don't feel like I'm above you bro because I'm true bro
I just had a stroke of luck and now im making ?...?
I hope you feel what I feel, but you aint seen what I done seen
I seen friends turn enemies
And family change behind some pennies
And niggaz say they down but on the slip they really hate ya
But it all gon' come to light so don't never let it phase ya

(Chorus 2x)

You either love me
Or you hate me
Ain't no in between ya heard me
I'm true to this
I aint new to this
But guess what
It really don't matter
It just don't phase me