Down For My B's Testo

Testo Down For My B's

(feat. Mia X, Ms. Peaches & Traci)

(C-Murder talking)
Fuck them bitches
Ladies, I ain't forget about y'all
I'm down for my bitches too you heard me
TRU Records respect us
I'd die for my bitches, fuck them other bitches

[Chorus - 2x]
Fuck them other bitches
Fuck them ragged ass hoes
Fuck them other bitches
Fuck them trifling ass hoes
Fuck them other bitches
Fuck them dirty ass hoes
Ole' nasty ass hoes
Ole' stank ass hoes

[Ms. Peaches]
Man fuck them bitches, you think I'm worried bout them hoes
All that mugging and bugging bitch I ain't bout no trouble
Now you done let your girls buck you up with all that yapping
Bitch I'm bout action if you ain't know who I am I don't give a fuck
You got it on your mind well bitch it's on my mind too
Whatever, whenever shit I'ma bring that fucking noise to you
You and your click hollin' I'm bout this and bout that
Well me and my girls bitch we gone show fa sho' we doubt that
Them hoes mad cause I'm down with TRU Records riding Excursions
DVD's on chrome interior leather but I bet you
Them hoes don't, want to fuck with me
I got a click of gangsta bitches that'll bust for me
If you ain't heard this and that I tell a hoe to her face
Don't give a fuck what you got on you from that blade to that mace
Cause if a hoe gone shake man that hoe better kill me
Cause if I'm still breathing I'ma make sure that bitch feel me

[Chorus - 2x]

Back up off me bitch, my time recognize
Get up off me trick 'fore I expose your insides
Fuck you bitch, remix, we can take it outside
So these hoes can see, how real chicks ride
Where they at, there they go, can't stand no fake hoe
No stank hoe, no think she could when she can't hoe
Confronting me with that bullshit, liquor flow hoe
You slow, make me bugged and shit, but not no more
How many hoes wanna go, against this chick right here
Caps still and throwing this here with g-nice I'm right here
You bout to sneeze ooh, look bitch I'm right here
Go ahead and talk that shit I'ma still be right here
So how you think you posted up in your face, with your nigga
Think you need to step back so you could see a clearer picture
And girl, we here to let these bitches know (what Trac')
Girl fuck what you going and fuck what you stand fo'

[Chorus - 2x]

[Mia X]
Fuck them other bitches looking hard in the club
Trying to bump cause they hating thinking to jump in the club
Trying to stunt in the club like y'all bout that shit
We spraying mace dead in your face straight run you out that bitch
Y'all hoes can pick if you want, but I'm not that bitch
What, headline gone read Mama popped that thug
And about my click, we so thick and we stay so fly
I guess that's why you chickenheads can bust a evil eye
Well please don't try, let the alcohol or the song bust you
Straight razor cut you bunch of messy ugly motherfuckers
Run up like we soft cause we pretty as mountains
You bitch you, we fin to remmy red bottles to hit you
You bitch you, and it ain't over till the paramedics come and get you
High beamed up on stretchers you and your bitch crew
We gone ride, we gone walk
Better know where you walk cause uh, we go fo'
My bitches don't start but they do wild out
We knock the gums out your mouth before we even get it out, fuck em

[Chorus - 2x]

[Chorus 2]
Fuck them other bitches
Cause I'm down for my bitches
Fuck them other bitches
I bust rounds for my bitches
Fuck them other bitches
I'm gone clown for my bitches
Fuck them other bitches
It's all about my bitches

[Chorus 3]
Fuck them other bitches
Cause I rides for my bitches
Fuck them other bitches
I just tore up your tire with my bitches

[Chorus 4]
Fuck them other bitches
I gets money jump slides with my bitches
Fuck them other bitches
It's all about my bitches