How A Thug Nigga Likes It Testo

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Testo How A Thug Nigga Likes It

JD turn it up, ya heard me
Uh huh, oh, yea hmmm
Ha what
Uh huh, uh
Ah Ha, Ah Ah
Uh huh, uh huh
Uh, Ah Ha, Ah Ha
Uh ha, Brat, see-Murder

You talk a good one shorty, you make me sweat
How a thug nigga like girl?
Nice and wet
You makin' me hot and horny with what you poppin' so far
How a tru' bitch like it see?

Nice and hard

You kinda fly, you kinda shy
Wha'cha eat, wha'cha drive
And you like them ghetto boys
The ones who make that noise
You know I'm thugged out, you know I do this, you know I do that
And for a fact, you know I do things that make my pocket fat
'Cause I'm tru, I hang with the man, you gave me the game
Plus I'm fame, and now ya'll scream my name
Call me a jogger, 'cause you got me sweatin your style
I ran a couple miles
And some, see where I'm comin' from
I like em smooth, with cat eyes, and iced-out, and show 'nough
You need the handcuffs, that rough stuff
You talk a good one shorty, I mean that
Now won't you lay on' are back
Let a thug between that

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]

You kinda sexy, you kinda ghetto, with them slugs in your front
See-Murder, can you hold me down, give a thug girl what she want

Money and nice cars
A house with a pool in the backyard
Take me shoppin' with No Limit, on the credit card
? this shrimp, push a Lamborghini ta sick
Drink Crystal when it's cold, I want to mint the stick
Go on and do this, and do that
When you come home, to Brat
You'll never want another girl again, this thug blew th
Gimme the loot, so I can cop a new Jag
And Brat dat I got it from you,
With a forty five caliber too
In case a nigga run up on me, I got somethin' to shoot

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]

We ride together
Survive and die together
I ain't leaving you never
Tougher the leather, make it last forever

That's what I need Brat
I hope you mean dat
But yet these cat take these keys
Let me show you where the cheese at

I can love you innocently
Bring home at least twenty g's a week
From hustlin in da street

Uh huh
And I'ma take dat, then hit dat, then flip dat, then finish wit dat
And hit you back, when you can trip cruise on a ship

Now I hold it down for you, you hold it d

Uh huh
And I'ma ride for you
If you ride for me
I would even, die for you
Now would you die for me

[Chorus: Repeat 2X]

Ta the 4-0-4
Ha, you know
Yea, huh, out