I'm Not Just Testo

Testo I'm Not Just

(feat. Soulja Slim, T-Bo)

[Soulja Slim & C-Murder]
I don't give a fuck
Don't even fuck with me niggas better duck
niggas niggas you better duck what
I don't give a fuck
Don't even fuck with me you nigga better duck
Niggas we gettin buck
[Hook 2X]
I don't give a fuck
Nigga whut
I'm bout it bout it
I just aint no good ass rapper

[Soulja Slim]
You don't wanna fuck with me I'm murdered out
I'm dirty south quick to push pistals aoff in your mouth
I told you once what I was bout
Guess you ain't pay attention
You put your self in this positon
Beefin what's your intention
I ain't got time for that i done that in my younger days
So I'm lay low knock you off your feet with the drummer on the cage
I love the town that's blocka blocka
Blocka, blocka
Constently block block to blocka blocks
Don't fuck with me bitch nigga
I'm gun smoke the ditch digga
Go getter since goes to show nigga
You know me
If i holla whoadie my soldiers coming with out question
Suited and booted
Face'l expression full of that flooishness

[Hook 4X: Soulja Slim & C-Murder]

Ya'll heard of me
I'm Callio and I don't give a lilly
From a perm bling bling
Ya'll had you lookin silly
I'm C-Murder plus I'm murdered out
I represent every nigga out the dirty south
I keeps it treal, work the mill
Plus twenty more and still they catch me
In the projects by the liquore store
Cuz I don't give a fuck
If a nigga buck I buck back
Niggas pull they shit and cock they shit they already hit
Ain't that a bitch
I'm head bust on a slick door
Watch a nigga, pop a nigga, drop a nigga
I ain't forgot you nigga
I love it when you iced up
and bring the price up
Skee mask nigga, don't make me put this mic up

[Hook 4X: Soulja Slim & C-Murder]

I ain't giving a fuck what you talking bout
I'm a represent the dirty South
'til my gold teeth fall out my fuckin mouth
I'm bout it bout I just ain't no good ass rapper
Got everybody and they mama sayin, "That's that cracker"
Got damn right that's me rollin with Slim and C
Represent the BRC, the Magnolia and the C-P-3
I wish one of you clowns would write a rap about us
So I can buck your ass down and brawl in your tour bus
Screamin "I love hip-hop", you'll get your bitch popped
Your kids kidnapped, your car jacked, gimme your wrist watch
Better hope you don't see comming down your street
In a beat up Cutlass haulin ass
Windows down gun out ski-mask screamin FUCK

[Hook 4X: Soulja Slim & C-Murder]

What we don't give a fuck
Ya heard me
TRU niggas