Let Me See Testo

Testo Let Me See

(*gun shots & ambulance*)

[Chorus - 4x]
Let me see what you working with, working with
Let me see what you twerking with, that's my girl

I don't wanna see your eyes, I just wanna see your ass
And I wanna see you make that thang bounce so fast
I got fifteen ones, and fifteen fives
And I wanna see it clap about fifteen times
Sip the crystal, if you want some wine
But pass me the moet, I'm bout to make a poet
Let it bounce, shake it fast, throw them bows, touch your toes
Girl back that thang up, back that thang up
I wanna see you twerk something, hurt something
That's right, show the world, now that's my girl
Bounce left, bounce right, girl you look so tight
Aiight, we can kick it like this all night

[Chorus - 4x]

I like em tall, I like em short, I like em bright, I like em dark
To get love, she got to be sitting on dubs
At the club cute face, nice thighs, daddy's eyes
And she looking at me funny, I hope it's not my money
You a big fine woman I can see your tattoos
I should call the police cause you packing one of them tools
Girl you giving me the blues, or should I say blue balls
And you got more junk in your trunk than a U-Haul
Now shake what your mama gave you
I'm so glad that your daddy made you
Strip clubs is the place that pays you
And no I ain't no Captain Save-A
Now take it off, take it off
And let a TRU playa break you off something freak

[Chorus - 4x]

Nobody moves, nobody get's hurt
I wanna see the girl with the wet t-shirt
She told me to call her when they play this song
And she'd give me a dance with the g-string on
And she'll let it hang and make it clap and make it clap
Oooh, how I like it when she do it like that
One, my girl, two, show the world
Three, that's my song, four, put your g-strings on

[Chorus - 4x]

Now shake what your mama gave you
You look good and your daddy made you - 2x

Now bounce, let it bounce, bounce what
Let it bounce, bounce huh, let it bounce
Just do the damn thang girl


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