Stressin Testo

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Testo Stressin

Cut the mic up, for me Bass
Let's do this thang boy, Deadly Soundz
Right back at ya, can't stop nothing
This time playa, check this out

[Hook: x2]
They don't want this chorus, all they want is murder
They don't feel my pain, but they gon feel my presence
And I been stressing, since a adolescent

Now I ain't never ride rallys, but it was closer
I done stick up for ballys, we love the smokers
I recall I heard you mention my name, but you love
To see me stressing, this ain't part of the game you must be high
Cause you rocking like a basehead, you hear me
I'm grinding working hard for mine, you feel me
Four hundred years of pain, and now this
It's like them cockroaches got you trained, just like a bitch
I see they smile in your face, now what they after
And now they wanna take my place, them backstabbers
Blucka-blucka, I'ma get you sucker
We roll tinted windows, on the black Hummer trucker
And after it rain, you might be dead like Jesse James
Trained for pain, even when I lose everything I gain
It's simple mathematics, review the ballistics
Statistics show, we breed soldiers in my district
It ain't like Mr. Rogers, I learned the game
But it wasn't from the Dodgers, it's from pain
And welfare wasn't a question, just a decision
We embraced it as a blessing, cause who was missing
And my tattoos tell a story, I'm Bossalinie
And Kevin died in his glory, I know he see me
I'm running but I ain't moving, it's like a dream
Cause all they want is murder, that's what it seems

[Hook x2]

Come meet me in the projects, cause it's a set-up
And the only way to stop that, watch him get wet up
Ain't no sense in you figuring me, I'm just a pebble
In the window he got, is bigger than me
Watch me shatter while blood spatter, you hear me hey
I'm putting flowers, on my empty grave damn
I'm trying to sell a million, so I can provide for my lil' one
Still won't live blessed, like the rest of the ghetto children
Just confusing em losing pieces, a broken puzzle
Russian roulette to my head, the barrel's a bubble muzzle
I'm kamikaze, you try me yourself right beside me
I'm a wanted man, call baby mama so she can hide me
They only thinking, cause all the brothers locked up in prisons
Getting letters and pictures, but I know they keep on missing
Take a ride to Texas, cruising a stolen Lexus
The mack 11 is ready, and it's my only protection
Who I believe in really, I put my faith in God
I was dealt some bad cards, just fighting in school yards
Damn, and fighting all night in bars
The devil hit me with a murder charge, all he want is murder boy