Watch The Police Testo

Testo Watch The Police

T-R-U ya heard me? Trick Daddy Dollars y'all huh
C-Murder, Trick Daddy, No Limit, Slip 'N Slide
Whatever, uh huh, watch 'em

Watch the police when I'm rollin through the projects
My pants sag so I'm labelled as a suspect
Who gave the boys in blue, the authority
to harass me cause I live in the minority
Check yourself player, cause I ain't the one
You look plain, and kinda lame without your badge and a gun
You been harassin me, since I was a teenager
But now that I got a Roley with a Benz and a pager
they pull me over and search in my car
So you lookin for the product, but could it be narcotic
And just because I'm from the CP3
I gotta watch the police because they scared of me

Watch the police - coming straight from the underground
Watch the police - a young nigga got it bad cause I'm brown
Watch the police - if you a teenager (watch, watch)
Watch the police - with a little bit of gold and a pager

[Trick Daddy]
I'ma teach they motherfuckin ass 'bout playin with me
I'ma take they ass on one
Thug Life, for them niggaz in the county jail
State pens and feds, nigga
I'm tired of the motherfuckin po'-po'
They keep sweatin a nigga, sittin all in the do'
Po' flashin the light in the dark and for what?
Is it cause the trunk make so much thump?
See I'm Trick Daddy Dollars, and hoes they call me Mr. Scholars
You could lock me up, but I'll make bail regardless
You wanna know have I ever been arrested?
Misdemeanor, felony or domestic
So I confessed it, damn right you guessed it
Did time for work, but I ain't seen a brick since
I don't fuck with niggaz who I don't know
I'm gettin money, gettin blunted, nigga watch the po'-po'


Watch the police - in my hood, they'll pull you over
and put dope on you, and bring you to jail
Makin twenty-four a year
They catch you with 70K, they gon' keep it
C, tell 'em what's happenin

I'm tired of the jackin and harassin (and harassin)
Every time I see you pass, it make me wanna blast
I'm C with the criminal behavior
I'm a gangsta with paper, and plus I got flavor
My identity by itself causes violence
I catch them without they badge and gun and then they silent (Shhhh)
"Get out of the car!" It don't matter if you smaller or bigger
"You're under arrest!" When a sucka in a uniform run up on a TRU nigga
Shinin that light in my face and for what?
Maybe it's because I kick so much butt
And I can't be touched, that's why I laugh when I get away {*squeals*}
But to my homie, this is what I say


Around my neighborhood, they just be hackin you up for no reason
Just askin you all kind of questions
Puttin the light all in your face
Man, what's wrong with them? Man, that's why we gotta watch 'em


You're gonna die (*repeat 3X*)