Where The Party At? Testo

Testo Where The Party At?

(feat. Bass Heavy Krazy, Master P, Silkk the Shocker)

(Master P talking)
What about uh, we do a 67 huh, and then you do me twice
Then you owe me you heard me, where the party at

[Chorus: Bass Heavy]
Somebody tell me where the party's at
Crystal and mo you know we like it like that
Tell all the mamis where the ballers be
Popping bottles with the soldiers in the VIP

[Master P]
Hold the block down, don't stop now
Take your watch is he gone, is he out of town
Say you miss me, then kiss me
Let me fly it in the air like a frisby
Call me king kong, get your freak on
Jump in the bed let's play ping pong
Make you sing like a record deal
Crystal on the floor make sure that it don't spill
Put your legs on the dresser for some hangtime
I'm like Maxwell, baby press rewind
And when you see me girl, holler ooh wee
And if we rolling we can do it in the humvee


I'm getting head on the highway I damn near wrecked
Don't speak, just swallow and now guess who's next
In the mood for exotic sex
I ain't tripping in the room, for 10 minutes now start stripping
Sexy, with me, cess weed
You can be, that freak, you wanto to be
Ecstasy from me baby, when you ride me
I can hear you scream please don't cum inside me
In your life for a minute not the long hall
The bench up unless I'm bringing you up against the wall
With this coochie fuck, you scream out my name
With your wedding band on you feel no shame


[Silkk The Shocker]
You know us No Limit we come through, shut shit down
We can see it on they face whenever we come around
I know now, but I didn't know then
I can keep it jumping from the a to the p.m.
Party at my house, I'll make y'all wait pass the bently
Sitting on Jordans, but for those who can't count pass twenty
I Shocker, promise to keep this thing cracking
Polish you in the back like why what's happening
Bounce a little something, you know how we do
In the back VIP, toasting on don p
Sipping on some mo, getting on the floor
Getting at your chick but keep it on the low
Your man ain't got to know so don't tell him
Cause he'll get jealous, just between me, you and the fellas
I stay away from boos like R. Kelly
Feeling on your bo-oo-ty, right before I nail them, holla


(Master P: outro)
Good lordy, it's a party
See the boys and the girls acting naughty
Good lordy, it's a party
See the boys and the girls getting naughty
Good lordy, it's a party
No Limit on top and we naughty
Good lordy, it's a party
Ain't no party like a No Limit party