It's Over Now (Calm Before Storm) Testo

Testo It's Over Now (Calm Before Storm)

Me abrasa el fuego del destino Pero el poder me conduce adelante El poder, que sello mi vida Mi vida, una revolución eterna Contra mi destino, contra la gente Contra el malvado, contra mi mismo I am the mouth always hungry I am the blind who sees clearly I am who breaks your fragile empathy The one you think is useless. That's me Don't let you fool yourself it's just the calm before storm There won't be always silence around Storm hasn't given all out it just waits for a sign Don't misunderstand the tears in my eyes 'cause now - I'm stepping out of the dark Scarred by the thoughts inside of me But I won't lie to myself again No - I - won't lie to myself again I am the heart of the senseless I am the fist of the faceless I am not as helpless as it seems You better be ready to pay-off