All You Could Ever Want Testo

Testo All You Could Ever Want

Call me crazy, I am crazy
I would climb the highest hill
If I knew that was your will
I am crazy, let's just face it, my dear
One wave of your hand
I'm at your command
They don't understand
I'm so in love with you, babe

Careless and free, you bring the child out in me
I am walking on air, yes I could swear
I'm in heaven, like schoolgirls of seven:
I'm crazy, I amaze me
You can read me like a book
I'm a herring on your hook
Come and taste me, and embrace me, my dear
And see how bewitched I'll be

When you're smiling
Weak in my shaking knees
And my heart is losing it's time
How can I give you proof
When my lips won't move
That I'll always be
All you could ever want