May Every Breath Be A Prayer Testo

Testo May Every Breath Be A Prayer

I want to go fishing, I swear this summer it will come to pass
In some clear mountain stream, knee-deep in the rippling glass
And I've got to see the ocean, with its scales shining in the sun
And not just any old ocean, but the Pacific from the 101
And I'll learn to play the fiddle, scratching out some old jigs and reels
Run my fingers down the neck till I memorize how it all feels
Gotta keep my eyes peeled, cause it all gets revealed, like snowflakes in the snow
May every breath be a prayer, let every smile say hello

And my boy just made a movie, it gives me chills every time it gets shown
Yeah it's such a great feeling, to see your friends coming into their own
And they're all around the world, yeah my circle just grows and grows
And we meet on the run, at airports and diners and shows
And to everyone having kids, the best gift I could give 'em by far
Is to say "bring 'em all around, I'll give 'em lessons on this old guitar"
And everything that I do, I'll be looking for you, cause you gotta be somewhere
Let every smile say hello, may every breath be a prayer

And I remember marching, it doesn't matter what I was marching for
Can we just find a way to shut down this bloody war
And your shoes are taped up, my arms are open wide
I welcome you in but I warn you it's a mess inside
There's so much to learn, so much, you have to let it go
And the moments spin 'round me, like snowflakes into the snow
And every day that I got, I'll be asking a lot, cause I just gotta know
May every breath be a prayer, let every smile say hello