The Night They Took You Testo

Testo The Night They Took You

I parked the car, I went inside
I left you there I don't know why
But I wish I'd taken you in with me
I was hanging out with my pals
I swear I didn't hear you shout
But if I did I'd have been there and you'd still be here with me
Wake up from this dream
I'm so upset that I could scream
How could this happen to me?
Who could've done such a thing
An evil deed that was in vain
Why did they take you from me?

And I was going home that night
When I received a fright
I saw that you were gone, oh, I could cry

Where are you now?
I wonder who is your new owner
I still like to sing these songs you used to play
I wish you'd come back to me
Make it how it used to be
But that will never happen so now someone has to pay
Curse the ones that took you
Curse their evil ways
Curse the ones they love
Curse them all their days
If I find out how they are
I'm going to make it right
They're gonna give you back or there's gonna be a fight

All the selfish people in the world today
We'll be held responsible
We're gonna pay
You can't fall asleep
Cos in your lives we'll creep
And then we'll take it all away