Nobody Throws Me My Gun And Says Testo

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Testo Nobody Throws Me My Gun And Says

We've got to fight and make this town believe
Can I get a show of hands if you're with me?
Take our chance and see how it goes
Make amends, yeah we're gonna be heroes
They made us the way that we are
Men with guns, men like Calvera
We're not brave 'cause we carry a gun
If I'm the last one standing doesn't mean I've won

Home? none
Wife? none
Kids? none
zero places that you're tied down to,
men you step aside for and people with a hold on you

We wont stop, it's what you wanted us for
Turning us away only makes us want it more
Gotta finish what we've started
Now is not the time for faint hearted
We made seven look like seven-hundred
And stopped this small, dead town from being plundered
Fuck this thankless life we choose
The farmers won, we lost, we always lose

We deal in lead!