Done Testo

Testo Done

It was the hardest ground that I had ever walked on
And just like everybody I kept on walking on
There was a man in the park and he was lying down
Oh, he could have been dead
Oh, he could have been dead
But, just like everybody, I kept on walking on
Pretend not to notice the body on the lawn
He could have gotten up when I had gone
And just like everybody, he could’ve kept on walking on
Walking on
He could have kept on walking on
And I thought to myself
“Hey, there was probably something I should have done”

And I still walk with the fire
It’s not the one that’s burning inside her
And she came to me, on pages and stolen stationary
And she told me she was sorry
That this was some strange irony
That we got so estranged
Yet ended up in the exact same place
The exact same place
Ended up in the exact same place
And I just wanted to say that I only wanted to be like you, because
Sister, I admired you and you gave up and said
“You know, I'm sorry for everything I’ve done”

And sometimes I don’t wanna see my friends
And it don’t have to mean anything
Feel the slow acceleration, feel the
Heavy implications of
Skin on skin
Did you notice it when you grew
Into me like I grew into you?
And I surrendered my loneliness to you
And you said something along the lines of “I love you”
And I probably took it the wrong way
And you came back and said
“Hey, I was looking for a reason to leave
And it’s you
And it’s you”