Capo's Pattern Testo

Testo Capo's Pattern

I ain't got no time these days, bare emails and meetings (Capo)
Can't see no P at the end of the tunnel, man zone out when you're speaking (Capo)
Early morning banging my phone line, got man texting my phone like, "Yo"
But I tell a man 'llow me
Don't want pagan friends, bad energies and police 'round me
Bun all the sly man tryna get 'round me
Do a little shopping in Aldi (Capo)
Guys in the game on a copying ting, you'll come out my son if I took you on Maury
Man on the blocks, they come and get debts and I was out here like, "Shall we?" (What)
Got somе decks and I switched it (Woo), didn't make P's so I switchеd back
Thinsulate hat on a Ridgeback
Started a line, could've missed that
Slowed down but I knew about flavour
Had a Walkman there and a blazer
I was taping sets, not a gamer
Did music a bit later (Capo)
See the olders pull up in a Z4
Man can't ask why I'm trying to get bread for
If I knew more then I could've said more
If they're making rules, gotta bend more
On the road and it could've been a end game
Playing games but I didn't have N-Gage
When they took me to court and I stepped back out, feds looked in my face, they're enraged
Trying to get money in legal (Capo)
Snake in the grass, it's lethal
Man have been broke and I can't do sequel
Ends like Resident Evil
Now I get bands in legal
Tryna make a mill' like Eye of a Needle
Feels so good when you can't get a recall
Love for the gang but I don't do people
On the street, get yam but it ain't with kenkey
For this swag, can't find no template
Heat FM, North London sensei
Right now we're just flexing through
Missed call and they're texting crew like (Bow)