Proud To Be A Mass Murderer Testo

Testo Proud To Be A Mass Murderer

Misery overwhelming me, feelings are long gone
My only company is this shotgun, my only excitement is it's sound
I'm a strong person, all the others are weak, all the others must die
I'm proud of myself, I'm proud for what I'm ready to do
I take the gun and start shooting randomly, blood and pieces of flesh are now
Voice of panic is in the air, at last we taught these weak humans fear
I'm hunting my victims, I corner them and I am pulling the trigger
Their faces have been deformed, their limbs are missing and I finally feel
I am proud to be a mass murderer
No-one has this power, only I can do this
My victims now are up to twenty and I know that my mission is not over
After all this massacring, my shooting has improved, my aim is better, I go for
the head
I really enjoy the sound of a smashed cranium, the brains as they are slipping
out from the head
The sound of the exploding flesh, I decapitate one victim and I rise with it's
I'm proud to be a mass murderer
I feel my end is coming near as I am surrounded by the police pointing at me
with their guns , but I still know
I'll be remembered for my work and I won't fall on my knees for no human law
My only friend, my gun can only take my life, I need only one bullet in my head
I'm really proud to be a mass murderer