Espousing The Lore Of Ancient Mythos Testo

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Testo Espousing The Lore Of Ancient Mythos

[Keeper of the Gate]
A hollow universe of death rotting created by god as an evil curse
Where all life dies, death lives and nature breeds untellable fear
Beyond lake of freezing flame, avast burning caverns of sulphur
Unto immense fields of despair; ever purposeful Lucifer traversed
Where to upon reaching the gates of hell he encountered a form in the abyss
Of immense shape and strength this guardian of hell stood before him and commanded
with cerebrean howl "You shall not pass Lucifer, o' king of hell, lord of lies and deception.. I am decreed upon this gate as sentinel and no beast so
foul as yourself may pass beyond me."
"Thou art grim and terrible guardian,
tho magnificence mean to pass.. Retire or taste thy excess!"
"Thou art traitor angel! Whom first broke peace
in heaven.. Back to thy punishment fugitive!"
"Learn by proof then hellborn! Not to contend with spirits of heaven!"
"So raise your cleave heaven born and prepare thyself for horrors unfelt!"

O'er time and dimensions they raged and cleaved..
Amongst burning flares of disease and torture..
Upon the ashes of the spectacular dead embodied old..
With fell swoop of his impetuous hand thee mighty guardian receded

"Into the shadows with you once more you fowl servant of god!
Lest I lay your head upon my chamber as reminder of your failure and betrayal."
"Vanish I may lord of flies and chaos, yet gloat not your victory upon mine ears lest I trade words with he most high upon his throne.. I shall diminish
into the blackest depths of hell and await my persecution but not until I bestow my key upon your neck and bid you farewell... my lord."
"Farewell then Guardian and trust not to hope.. For it has abandoned ye."

With impetuous recoil and jarring sound thee infernal doors on their hinges did swing wide and vast exposing space and time and dimension upon his eyes..
With wingspread vast for arms of soldiers in voluminous armies unnumbered Erebus had opened as outer gate..

[Binding the Centuries]
As duty he stepped forth unto the immense gates as without dimension, breadth, width and time were lost and elder nature holds chaos as anarchy. Where
moist, dry, hot and cold held no place.. Upon the..
Seed of Zonei!
Torn asunder the body shreds unto pain and fire.. Gods of all to tear the flesh from bone to rent the blood of veins and crumble bone unto dust. With
features unknown they revealed unto Satan a history of time and wars.. Of dark waters receding to reveal signs of Chaos.. Of immeasurable beasts and gods
raging unto each one with fury unseen by even angels of death and wrath.. Of destruction of lands and oceans heaved upon space into obliteration.
To close his eyes he would give his immortal soul lest his eyes had been torn from his skull and close they could not.

No body to corpse.. Gods of the stars are seven
Screams unto silence.. Seven seals used in their turn
Mind is omneity.. Seals to those seven gates
Reflection inception.. Essence and color materialize in seven shapes of gates
No body to corpse.. Gods of the skies are seven
Wrapt unto silence.. Seven seals used in their places
Mind is everything.. Seals to unlock the gates
Reflection deception.. Essence and color materialize
Body render to mind once more as he stood upon grey rock before the void...
Hearken fathers of the suns! I beckon you from your slumber!

[Beckoning the Zonei]
Barra Xul!
Barra Edinazu!
Barra Anu!

I descend of seraphic trappings.. To forewarn of a new god!

Barra Xul!
Barra Edinazu!
Barra Anu!
Barra Xul!
Barra Edinazu!
Barra Anu!

Before the void i stand as silence sings
Unto its bleak veils i call once more
Hearken fathers from the suns! I lament!
Reveal your magnificence unto me.
Slowly as lucifer stood upon ashen rocks the vacuous dimension folded unto itself in ways time, shape and color became as one. Terrible wrath, pain and
confusion befell him as he bore witness to one of mighty stature rising before the mists of dimension. A formless shape of elemental construction.
And when they awaken forth.
Upon that forsaken spirit
To raise without shape or form
Lest the invocation invoke chaos
Hear me ancient fathers
Speak thy name unto me
It is i who commands you
It is i who beckons you
It is i whom binds your spirit It is i whom chains your form
As then before the fallen Lucifer a shape was revealed
Then arms did reach out with hands of scale of serpents
With a spear upon its fingers and armor upon body
A crown of tentacles spewing from mouth.. Eyes of jade..

"Dead and dreaming.. No longer shall i slumber. I hath heeded your cries specter of hell.. I know of your plight for i have seen it upon your mind. As
now i summon my liege!"

With the raising of its arms a blinding light comes from all directions as shapes of gates appear and a liege of gods as ancient ones would render those
luminescent gates unto flame. Lucifer turning did know of victory against an impetuous god of heaven and earth to claim as his own.
Flames of the Zonei!
Seven in name, shape, and number they are.
Spirit of the moon remember!
This the hoarding liege of chaos!

And as they have awoken forth
Upon my forsaken spirit
Risen as shape and form
Let the invocation invoke chaos
To assail the throne of god
Filling of the cup of vengeance
Spilling the blood of seraphs
I shall claim victory for my own
For it is lucifer who commands you!