Phantoms of the Fallen Ruins of Kia Testo

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Testo Phantoms of the Fallen Ruins of Kia

[- The Zonei and their Temples - 7:77]

Serpents of the deep ascended upon the thrones of kia with thoughts not of
ceremony, but thoughts of hostile intent and idea. And the Zonei did flee this
realm in cause of fear for many would be slain by sorcery of the ancient ones
by lead of the ancient serpent called by Cthulhu. Many centuries have passed
since that time of destruction. The Ancient ones have returned to their eternal
slumber. Seven great cities have been established in honor of those
And the ancient ones have made these as shrines of them
The Zonei live in fear
Slaves of ancient gods
Bound for years of years
To fill the chalice of sorcery
The eyes are behind thee
Eyes of thee that bind me
Gods of the skies above thee
Keepers of the seas below me
Seven are those great cities of gold
In names of those seven ancient ones
To never be spoken aloud among thee
For a burning disk would destroy me
Hearken and remember as i speak this
Spirit watchers of the seven zones of Earth
Slept in the sea of spheres and monsters
Whom slain walks in spaces between stars

[- Binding of the Eastern Gates - 8:09]

By the name i hath been called i command thee to open thy gate
Of a name a number and a form thou have been called to me
Watcher of the chalice.. Speakers of sorcery
Lift my soul above you.. Incant the offerings
Name of Marduk i call.. Dead and dreaming
The mystic seal of gates.. Carved upon my chest
Storms of baneful winds.. Shrouding the lands
Lift my body with force.. Deviltry i howl
Chalice of golden city.. Lords of all magick
Blood of the offering.. I claim unto me
By the name i hath been called i command thee to open thy gate
Lords of magick and of sword have taken hold of my soul
Deliver us from the bindings of our gods and of our fears
To the gate.. Of the East.. Set thine eyes.. Raise thine sword..
Against lords of abominations i stand fourth and stand firm!
Xul!.. Haunt me!
Xul!.. Deliver me!
I hold the sacred chalice of the cities of seven before you ancient lords of bane
Xul!.. Bind me!
Xul!.. Chain me!
With strength of the elder ones i stand before you and destroy the chalice of death

[- A Catastrophic Ending - 3:21]

Seven are they! Seven in name! Seven in number! Seven in Shape!
No Enchantment! No magick! No Evil Fiends! No Sorcery!
The oldest ones! The Elder ones! Ancient Kings! Plague of gods!
Searing rain! Burning frost! Bitter suns! Darkest Waters!
With burning disks the gods of creation spawned in Anu i lash upon the seven
whom would bind the Zonei in cities of temples of shrines of them and i did
strike that in name of 4 and she did cry out with blood upon her breath and
an evil emotion upon her breath she did vanish from me. Name of 2 did lash with
burning disk and i did stumb in a fleeting motion as the chalice fell upon ground.
All became pale with fear and death!
As the chalice did strike earth a blinding light rose from the seas to stare upon us all.
As my kind known as the Zonei did become as wax upon the sun and the cities of
seven became as sand upon the shores. All became pale with fear of death!
As a wave of chaos did open before me a darkness shone above me
The vortex that opened and i did enter it for fear of a searing fate
For fear of turning as of wax onto sun as sand unto water as nothing
As i did see my world turned to shards and my people were as dead
Centuries of time did pass as days unto nights of burning sorrow
In wait in lye for a time when time itself may exist yet once more
May the Zonei walk once more among me and may i resurrect cities
For those lone phantoms of the fallen ruins of Kia i wait and i exist..