I Am The Real War Professor Testo

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Testo I Am The Real War Professor

From now on i'm changing my name
call me warprofessor
yes i'm the real warprofessor
ain't no doubt about it
i got shit proper
yes i am the real war professor

Verse 1
i got a gun big like london bridge
put 2 in your fucking grill
dem find your head bril
got murder
and rape your daughter
on my shirt pin
what u mother fuckers u though i was joking
plus i got a 2, 2
the hight of q, q
and it no fire shot
it fire laser
go pu pu
shot barbeque and stew u
who u
bullets boo u

Verse 2
fi the war i am gun ho
you ain't got to ask you pussy to know i am a gun ho
my guns dem heavy dutty like a gi joe
you need help
thanks soldier
but that's a no no
i'm holding this down
like a niger about to rape a bitch
war with no body armor
cause i ain't afraid of shit
no shirt no shoes
no pants
the way i'm serious i save my dick
run like movado
when kartel bring out he casket
cause i'm about to give u clips