Ghosts Are For Graveyards Testo

Testo Ghosts Are For Graveyards

Every day I don't know where I've been. I've fallen off the boat to swim. I've lost my raft. Ball, chain on my foot. Gasp, air, need breath. Someone help! But no one would.

Once at the bottom I saw a thing. I thought it was you, but I was dreaming. To my dismay the ill-shaped figure approached my ear.

And the ghost said ooh.

There was the corpse, lying on the ocean floor. I saw myself, I was out of body, out of my mind. What do I do? Where do I go? Am I the same? I walked out on myself. Out on myself.

And the ghost said ooh.
And the ghost screamed ooh.

And I lost track of time. My life support went low. The beating of my heart was dimming down. And the sound of that familiar voice was the medicine shooting me back to the surface.

Because the ghost said I know your pain--I've seen so much worse. So stop whining, just listen to what I say