Yuck Testo

Testo Yuck

Ok, hustle for a lot of cream, hustle for the college green
Hustle cause I got a team, hustle with the steel, this nigga real
Fuck a pot of dreams, chubby niggas mad
I’m in my bag like it’s Halloween
Now I’m hitting bad bitches, by the bean, by the bean
Knees on the pillow, mouth open like she gotta scream
I ain’t scared of shit home, nothing nigga, not a thing
Biggie to my fucking hood, tony to a lot of fiends
That mean a nigga off the rick the home, check the chart
Set the mark, chubby did it, real rap, respect the art
If niggas let me in the lead, then I inspect the start yeah
Used to slay out in the open till I met the narx
Till this day I slang bro, make money my aim bro
If I hit then my fam hit, shit look just like bang bro
I’m sick and I’m bout to spit, yeah I’m bout that shit
Better ask my click
You niggas gonn see when a nigga get on
And a nigga gonn eat, better ask my bitch
And I like no really though, this my city boy
Run through it like diddy boy, put stain I’m too flame
My 2 chains like chitty boy
Hustle hard on my grizzy boy,
Sell rap like biggy boy, fly shit so these hoses on my tip like iggy boy
Money gonn bring them ratchets out,
Strip club at this ratchet house, free kush plus free drinks
My goony niggas gonna pack it out, punches on me like paki out
Shafts swag my jacket out, got one bitch that got one bitch
I make the point and they acted out.