Fingers Crossed Testo

Testo Fingers Crossed

Blood is pumping, tempers rushing as I see your face
do I take a boy and find my place
or burst into flames?

Mind keeps changing with the seasons,
clean but I'm a mess,
my faith for love has been put to rest

Fingers crossed, all of my lies have come down to this,
and I have sinned
Oh god my heaven is dying to taste your lips,
and feel your kiss

Now I stand here a different man, a shadow of myself
forever we've been apart but damn I need you now
lies of sequence, words of treason,
girl I'm breaking down
a vacant love once closely held

our love is lost, both of our lives have caved in,
so lovesick
oh god my heaven is dying to taste your lips
and feel your kiss

whats the good in living without you?
my self-scripted confidence,
your love would bring jubilation
to be without seems like a sin