Echo Testo

Testo Echo

I can't sleep tonight
The silence is a land mine
Your face is haunting my mind
And even when I
Dream you find
Your way into
My dreaming life

Are you a phantom?
Or just a shadow?
You look like heaven
The one place I can’t go
And it's a prison
To love a shadow
To chase an echo

I can't let you go
I know
I don't know
How far does it go?
I move slow
I'm so low
I can't let you go
You echo, echo on
You echo
You echo, echo, echo on

All I seem to find
Is darkness in the twilight
Chaos in the riptide
And even when I
Try to hide
You find me
In the dead of night

Your voice is color, color
Moving like thunder, thunder
Taking me over, over
Your water takes me under