What's The Matter Testo

Testo What's The Matter

I wish there was something more to come. To bring my heart around. Don’t mean to be insensitive or dumb. But do we really care anymore? You think it’s strange, but that’s alright. How’s it feel to be so predictable? I’m all about pretty things. But what about the soul we lost. Oh you better believe. There’s something coming on right now. It kills me now to see. I wanna hear the angels cry. I’m standing on a mountain breathing fire. What’s the matter with you? Oh my God, we’re worthy now. You wanna see the bullets fly. I wanna take the leap inside your mind. What’s the matter with you? Oh my God we’re worthy now. The passive aggressive words we love. We chase our hearts around. I don’t have to be glorified or warped. To feel alive anymore. People are strange, but that’s just fine. I’ve been tugging at the final curtain call. I’m all about anarchy. But doesn’t sound like fun anymore. What’s the matter? Did you lose or win? Does it matter to you in the end? We all lose something dear