1(877)969 Kemo (2 Way) Testo

Testo 1(877)969 Kemo (2 Way)

[Dialing] [ringing] [computer voice]
Welcome, mailbox of 877 (beep)
Enter your subscribal secruity co-[4 beeps]
You have messages [beep]

[DC talking]
Ay ay pimpin pimpin pimpin whats happenin wit ya?
This DC g, get at me Kemo man uh I wanna holla at you
Bout some work pimpin out here in the A so, ya if you out this way
You know lemme touchdown at some chickitys and chop it up
Hit some trees and pow-wow pimpin on some stinkin ass green
Cap a nigga or summin ya dig? ya oh-a.. [beep]

[female talking]
You know you are so sweet, every time I page you
You be tryin to page me back but I know you don't know the number
But call me back boo uh...(message deleted)

[Hook: Kemo]
Just hit me on the 2way derty
I'm on the go, gotta radio
We on the go gotta
Rep that derty MO fo' sho
Still doin dirt though
but I got that work so
You'll get that when I get back
And hit back in a day or so

[Verse 1: Kemo]
Hit me on the 2-way my niggy, I got that yayi shit
But I ain't doin no time fo derty, so save yo chips
We down for 26, our numbers tight as fuck
And I can turn 36 into 50 bitch I got that mightest touch
When I get in that kitchen ya'll, po' robbin that Whip it dogg
Why they gotta charge yo ass 100 bucks it's just a zipper dogg
Don't even trip it dogg, yo folks ain't go complainin 'less you
Get greedy rollin like 60 bank thank it like a donkey maaan...

[Fee talking]
Ay ay uh...Kemo, this yo uh people Fee man
....Know I'm sayin, I know you lookin for...you know
What we were talkin bout.. I can't talk much on the phone
But um...yo you gon call me get down to the 3rd, aight peace

[DJ DNB talking]
Kemo, what's the deal this your boy DJ DNB
In Houston, I heard ya'll coming to the city to do a lil' summin
Don't forget about ya boy, besides I got the hook up
Make sure you holla at me that's all I can say right now
You know the deal, jus give a nigga a call, be safe playboy
(message deleted)


[Verse 2]
I got a show lil' mo, over therre in Fellao
And every bitch like to front for a nigga in traffic 6 cent and one yayo
Cuz he that rappin money, ain't like that mattress money
There's some niggas in the shit you need to quit it, jus ain't have it sonny
That nigga Cholder B, my nigga Greedy G
Man all my niggas got fucked up by them feds I know it ain't easy g
Bein behind the walls, jus cuz you love to ball
Man all a nigga could do is watch us black, damn another call (beep)

[male talking]
Whuts up dogg? man dogg I'm off of parole man I been
Hittin yo ass all muthafuckin day dogg, you were the first dogg
Ay oh dude wanna a muthafuckin get a half of that hok' dogg
Yo ass act like you don't wanna make no muthafuckin money dogg
Fuck it then dogg, fuck you nigga....[beep]

[Bad Azz talking]
What up nigga this Bad Azz! ay check it out I'm out in LA
Thuggin I'm on my way to Long Beach, when you get out here
Hit me cuz I'ma be here in traffic I'ma scoop you up from the airport
I got that work baby, you know how it goes down on our part of town
So tell the folks we straight on diggy and everything is everything
How it usually is on done...(message deleted)


[Verse 3: Kemo]
My boys mail full, wit fuckin' messages man urbody
Been tryin to get at me for this nay you dig
Gotta get in Texas bitch, they talkin bout 16-5
They wanna fly me in and kick it wit me, and get me high
They say the mo' we buy, the price won't be so high
Man I don't roll wit these niggas right here lil' dogg or let me die
Lil' KemoSaubee y'all, in the airport lobby dogg
Hit me on the 2way soon as yo ass gets a hobby dogg [beep]

[DJ Smurf talking]
Man whut's up? this ya boy DJ Smurf straight out the ATL
I know you been gettin my messages, we bout to do this
Platinum party down here for them Ying Yang Twins
So you need to come on down, we got the strippers
Magic City, Club Nikki, we got the suite so you need to holla
At ya boy and stop frontin [beep]

[Tar Boy & Joe Coppa talking]
Whut's the deal man this is Tar Boy man, and Joe Coppa dogg
Nigga I ain't gonna keep sittin round here in this muthafuckin studio
Just for you nigga you need to get ya ass here man, I done 2wayed
Ya ass bout 3 or 4 times man and I called ya cell phone bout 8
Nigga, I mean you on CC time, nah do you know who the hottest is
Nigga you better get ya ass here nigga.. (message deleted)

[Hook x2]

[Lo-Key talking]
Yo yo whut's up man what the deal this ya boy Lo-Key man
I know you talking bout comin down this way I'm in the H
But you what I'm sayin I got that stuff for ya man we tired
Of havin luck on this business partna hit me up you know I'm sayin
You know I can't talk on this thang so you know what we gotta do
When you get down here derty, you feel me? [beep]

[Prodigy talking]
Yo son what up? this Prodigy from RG um give me a call aight?
Peace [beep]

[Rico talking]
This Rico man, chillin in the dungeon man ATL
I heard you in the town man hit me on the 2way [beep]

[Saff talking]
Hey Kemo, this is Saff, uh you met me at the airport in
Phoenix, we was both on our way over uh please give me
A call I've been tryin to get in contact with you, I been tryin
To get with you, see what was up, call me when you get the chance
Bye [beep]

[Horse talking]
Yo Kemo what up baby this Horse man, I know you ain't think
You bout to touch down up top man for real man it's the neck man
You a real nigga on next son you really big on this side ya heard
Bravehearts to death nigga lets get that white, lets get that good
Lets get that green, lets get that grape you heard me? it don't
Make no sense but it's all gonna come back green ya heard me?
Holla at ya dogg baby [beep]

[Computer voice]
Thank you for calling, goodbye