2 Whome It May Concern Testo

Testo 2 Whome It May Concern

[Talking: 1- Kaos 2- Kemo 3- Neesa]
"Whuts up dogg"
[1] Whuts crackin
"Ay dogg ay, see that girl over therre man"
Dogg got that bitch number the other week dogg, the first
Time we go someplace bitch talkin bout "can I pay this
can I pay that"
[1] Ha ha ha ha ha ha
[2] Bitch got a fat ol' ass though
[3] Whuts up fellas, whuts up whuts up wit y'all
[1] Whuts up Neesa?
[3] I'm just chillin, chillin
(mumbling) (Neesa laughing)
"Ay you see that girl over therre?"
[3] Which one?
"That girl over therre.... she workin it but uh man I go out
wit this bitch man and first thang come out this bitch mouth
is uh "can I help her wit her fuckin phone bill can I help her with this and that"
you know we from a can of paint you herr me?"
[3] Y'all fuckin wit them drained bitches you know?
"Man urry bitch be comin like that now a days"
[1] And all these old bitch ass niggaz doin that same shit
[2] That's cuz all these hoes suck dick

[Verse 1: 1- Kemo 2- Kaos]
[1] Kemo, kreefo, 5, 6 grand
Walk into the room naked wit my dick in my hand
wit Kaos too, St. Louis full of bitches that want us to say "I do"
but uh.. (BITCH SUCK DICK)
[2] Man fuck this shit, anotha nigga talkin shit
Beat his ass wit a walking stick, put his ass in a coffin and shit
Let em know we from that STL and uh.. (SUCK DICK BITCH)
[1] Bitch fuck you, you got my dick all in ya mouth wit my nuts too
I'm bout to bust too, rhymes in ya thinkin cap, take you back to when
You wasn't on my dick but now (BITCH SUCK DICK)
[2] Here I come mo, wit my ding-a-ling, remember when you wasn't
Even trippin off my tongue rings, now you all up on my nutsack
I'm bout to stick my dick in ya buttcrack....(SUCK DICK BITCH)

"Ya whatever nigga"
"Whatever nigga"
"You niggaz think you got Da Hol' 9 huh?"
"Well y'all wrong"

[Verse 2: 1- Kemo 2- Kaos]
[1] They say I ain't right, just cuz my game tight
Enough to meet y'all hoes to fuck y'all bitches on the same night
Tryin to kiss a nigga, tryin to put ya lips on a nigga
[2] Damn right mo, you got too much fuckin chaos in yo life ho
Runnin yo mouth everyday about cats, and the only fuckin thing
I got to say about is uh...(SUCK DICK BITCH)
[1] Herre you come again, runnin up to me I'm cool on y'all
Funky breath niggaz fuckin wit me, when you comin out,
And yo shit droppin uhhh.....(BITCH SUCK DICK)
[2] Get you named now, you know our game now you gotta go
I know it's all about the fame now, that's why my dicks off in yo brain now
That's why you let us run that train huh.. (SUCK DICK BITCH)


[Verse 3: 1- Kemo 2- Kaos]
[2] Urbody seems to know me, ya movy, cool them muthafuckas
Actin like we okey-dokey, I know you wanna deepthroat me now
That we on top of the game like Shaq and Kobe but.. (BITCH SUCK DICK)
[1] Dick, but I'm supposed to chase you cuz you got a body and a facial
And urry nigga wanna taste you, you need to be grateful
That I ain't get a fifth and chase you, and rape you (SUCK DICK BITCH)
[2] Just cuz you got a fat ass you think a nigga bout to pay yo broke ass?
But you ain't gettin no cash, you no class to a nigga like me
I got the bomb, dick and tongue you's about to pay me (BITCH SUCK DICK)
[1] If you got my beeper number last summer, now you feelin like Martin's
Boy, lookin Dumb & Dumber, use the cucumber while you wonder what this
Life is like, muthafuckin Ike (SUCK DICK BITCH)
[2] If she cool wit me and my nigga mo, if bitch get to talkin shit about us
Let her young ass know if she wasn't bout babbin and flabbin wit shit it
Wasn't a muthafuckin thing crackin (BITCH SUCK DICK)


[Verse 4: 1- Kemo 2- Kaos]
[1] You all up on my Aztec warrior homes, you must've thought I was
A bitch nigga, boy you's wrong, nigga I ain't got no time for ya
Ass need to spit a rhyme for ya (BITCH SUCK DICK)
[2] I'ma get my shit off tops, wit these hoes suckin all on my balls
Like Halls, cough, drops, if you ain't wit the nah'jae lil' ho
Then it's back down to the lobby you go uhh....(SUCK DICK BITCH)
[1] No class hoes, take ya ass home all on a nigga nuts
Cuz he got some cash flow, middle finger out the window
When I pass hoes uhhh....(BITCH SUCK DICK)
[2] Yeah, and if this song makes you mad and shit, that means
We talkin bout yo ass lil' bitch, you fuck around and get ya
Cabbage split, but meanwhile you can get on ya knees and uhh...(SUCK DICK BITCH)

[Hook x2]

[Talking between Kemo and Neesa]