Urbody Hit Da Flo' Testo

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Testo Urbody Hit Da Flo'

[Hook: 1- Kemo 2- Kaos]
[1] Urbody hit da flo'! my Calico's
In the trunk, with the 44 (oh noooo!)
[2] Ya boys tryin to come and get me
Niggas tryin to pistol whip me
And I aint got my fuckin pistol wit me!
[1] Urbody hit da flo'! my Calico's
In the trunk, with the 44 (oh noooo!)
[2] Niggas try me like new pussy
But always end up gettin fucked up
Come and get ya some nigga
(Gettin fucked up)

[Verse 1: Kemo]
You know Kemo be down to ride, niggas straight as fuck
These niggas from the other side, they hate my guts
All up on my nuts, tryin to rate my cuts
Smoke me down wit the AK, then escape wit bucks
So I lace my Chuks, will I get away or what?
Will I be able to let my fuckin pistol spray 'em up?
Real niggas keep in touch, but I don't notice nigga
Wish I could get my Calico or 40 for this nigga
Which I'ma show these niggas, this aint no fuckin riddle
I thought you knew about these niggas off in that fuckin middle
I think I got enough, heart to make it to the strap
They kickin in the front, while I'm breakin out the back
Threw the coco sack, I usually tuck my gat
These niggas caught me slippin muthafucka, but I'll be back
Wit my pistol grip, shootin out missiles bitch
Lay down in the shed nigga, cuz it's a hit


[Verse 2: Kaos]
Pants sagged, doo rag
Tilted hat, to the back
Black mask, strap in the lap
Rollin through the fuckin tracks
Who want beef, nigga we deep, off up in these fuckin streets
Aint no peace, call yo peeps, they gon get they ass beat
All we ride wit is killas, punkin head wig-splittas
Heavy hittas, dump you in that Mississippi River niggas
Northside: yak sippas, Southside: cap peelas
Westside: crack dealers, Eastside: Jack Trippers
Not the one wit Janet and Krissy, I'm talkin bout my gritty
Slice off a titty wit no bitty, kin folk from the city
It don't matter where you live, fuck you and yo relatives
Call the cops, I can get you knocked by some lil' ghetto kids
Ay, think about yo family, I don't give a fuck goddamny
While you rest in peace, I'll be on the beach, in Miami
Wit yo thick chick, shit I'll put her out on that strip
And sell that pussy and my zips
Don't make me empty out this clip bitch