Burnin' Up Miley Testo

Testo Burnin' Up Miley

I lost a bet,
Between ShayCarl, CharlesTrippy, SxePhil and ItsBrent.
We tried to see,
On BlogTV.
Who could stay up the latest with no sleep.

ShayCarl was the last one remaining.
Now the rest of us have to do something crazy.
That's why SxePhil shaved his head.
And that's when I got a crapload of messages that said:


Lets get some gasoline.
You don't know how hard this is for me.
All the memories, oh how you please me.
I wish this all was a dream.

No one understands our love.
Think of me when your chilin up above,
In Cardboard Heaven!
Miley are you ready to go? heck naww!
Ohhhhhhhhh ...